Onsite Machining Equipment

Established in 1995, Field Machine Tools (FMT) is a privately owned Australian company that has grown to become one of Australasia’s leading suppliers for specialist on-site machining equipment portable maintenance machines designed to provide engineering solutions for field applications to minimise downtime.

The scope of operation is, and always has been, to provide one of the most complete product lines available to OEM equipment manufacturers, maintenance providers, field service companies, power stations, petro chemical plants, as well as related industries.

We provide a very broad range of products and accessories for the industry we serve. We have achieved this by very unconventional means. We have developed relationships with job shops and manufacturers in the U.S., Europe and other overseas sources to provide us with quality products. This allows us the ability to furnish our customers with the best products available and the most affordable pricing in the industry. We stock a comprehensive range of Pipe Cutting and Bevelling Machines, Portable Lathes, Portable Milling Machines, Flange Facers, Bore Welding & Line Boring Machines.

In addition to this we have comprehensive range of boiler & condenser re tubing equipment for rental and sale. This equipment is suitable for a large range of applications, materials and specifications. Our range of equipment includes;

  • Clamshell Pipe Lathes
  • Bore Mount End Prep Machines
  • Bore Mount Flange Facers
  • OD Mount Flange Facers
  • Georg Fischer Pipe Cutters
  • Induction Heat Treatment Equipment
  • Valve Test Equipment
  • Pneumatic Magnetic Base Drills
  • Line Boring Machines
  • Portable Milling Machines
  • Portable Lathes
  • Vessel Grinding Machines
  • Coil Cleaning Systems
  • Hydrostatic Test Equipment
  • Travel Cutters
  • Heat Exchanger Tools
  • Tube Pulling Systems
  • Tube Cleaning Systems
  • Torque Controlled Rolling Motors
  • Bore Welding & Cladding Machines
  • Hydraulic Torque Wrenches
  • Pneumatic Nutrunners
  • Torque Multipliers
  • Lifting Equipment
  • Valve Repair Equipment
  • Duct Cleaning Systems